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Baby Reflexology is a special adaptation of adult Reflexology for babies, infants and toddlers. It soothes calms and encourages balance in the body.


Research has shown that Baby Reflexology is effective in easing discomforts such as Colic, wind, Constipation, reflux, congested ears, blocked nose, teething, Asthma, Eczema, poor appetite, hyperactivity and anxiety. Reflexology is a fantastic natural option for calming babies, boosting their immune system and supporting the growing body.


Infant Colic in particular can be very stressful to deal with. A study recently carried out by the Danish Reflexology Association overseen by Danish paediatricians and GPs, documented 30 colicky babies aged between 4 to 13 weeks who were given regular Reflexology treatments. Their responses to the reflexology treatments for the alleviation of their symptoms were recorded. All of the babies in the study were significantly helped by the treatments.


Babies and children love receiving Reflexology and parents find that learning the simple techniques themselves gives them more confidence as they have an additional tool to soothe and calm their child when necessary. These techniques can be carried out in as little as 5 minutes, anywhere, at anytime, and are enjoyable to give and to receive.  Results for babies are often experienced immediately and can soothe a cranky baby or help to relieve tummy pains or constipation.


It is important to note that Reflexology is a natural, gentle, complementary therapy which works in conjunction with conventional medicine. Parents should always contact their doctor if they are concerned about their babies’ health.


Baby Reflexology Classes are for Parents or guardians to use exclusively on their own baby. It is not a training course for parents/guardians to use on any baby.

The course teaches parents how to use “light touch” reflexology on their babys feet and hands focusing on sleep, digestion and teething for their babies. 

Help to ease Colic

  • Relieve Constipation/Trapped Wind

  • Boost your babies immune system

  • Calm Baby

Sleeping & Comforting

  • Calm and soothe your baby, perfect for bedtime routine

  • Promote deep and regular sleep for baby

  • Bonding between parents and baby

  • Promote calmness

Teething & Congestion Relief

  • Ease teething pain

  • Reduce mucus build up in Sinus, Ear, Eyes, Nose and throat area (great for colds

  • Calm Baby

Baby Reflexology Class

Baby Reflexology should not be given to the baby immediately after vaccination. You should wait 48 hours.

 Reflexology does not claim to diagnose or cure medical conditions, it can, however, facilitate the body’s own healing processes which may bring relief from symptoms of many conditions.


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